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Making a Map - Open

Characters: Youmu and You!
Date: August 20
Summary: Making a map of the gardens.
Warnings: None.

Youmu's still a little unsure about this place. Sure, it's pretty and all, but the scenery is so diverse! First the shrine she knew of from her own world, then a cafe suddenly opened with robots and weird gears, and she's concerned about the area she spotted with a million gadgets and flickering screens (really addictive flickering screens). It's all discomforting and strange, and to cope, she's taken to creating a map. High up in the sky she sketched out the general shape of the area, and then flew back down low to begin drawing in the more detailed parts of the land.

She's not the best artist (certainly not), but she's devoted to her work, hardly paying others any mind as she treks through the woods and crudely draws markers for each new landmark she observes up close.

"Seems there was a lighthouse over there a ways..." She tilts her head up to the sky, frowning. "Maybe I should fly back up for another bird's-eye view."
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Reimu is walking back towards her shrine when she spots Youmu. She cocks her head then walks towards her.

"What are you doing out here Youmu?"
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"A map huh?" Reimu said. "That's not a bad idea. How much have you done?"
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Reimu looks it over for a bit. She see's it's pretty well made, and recognizes a few of the landmarks, such as the Hakurei shrine.

"Seems pretty good. Might be handy to have a map just in case some catastrophe happens. And to show new people around of course."
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Reimu thinks for a moment. "Have you recorded Fionna's Tree House? Fionna get's around a lot, and make's sure to see many people, so having her house listed should be important."
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"It is near the orchards. It's hard to miss, the tree house is as big or bigger then those fairies house in Gensokyo."
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Reimu watched Youmu take off... then sighed as she returned.

"You left without knowing where it was?"
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Reimu walked closer to Youmu. "It would be better just to show you."
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Reimu nods and lifts up into the air, and slowly starts to make her way east.
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Reimu slows down near the tree, and just hovers there. It is quite large, as is the tree house in it. It doesn't look like Fionna is in though. She turns to face Youmu.

"Here is Fionna's tree house. I was a bit surprised by it's size when I first saw it, but I suppose it would need to be big to house a human full time."
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Reimu shrugged. "It's easy to build something here. Back in her world though, I'm sure she couldn't have done it alone."
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Reimu turned and just gave Youmu a :| face. "You use the magic dirt here to make houses. She didn't build that by hand here, nor was my shrine built by hand. That was built by that stupid celestial before I got here."
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Reimu frowns some more. "You do remember I had to rebuild my shrine... twice. Sure I had help, but I did a lot of the work... If I had to, I'm sure I would be able to build it myself."

"As for Fionna, from what I understand she has a sister, and she helped, though not sure how much help a cat can be."
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Reimu shrugged. "I guess she was taken in by a family of talking cats. Cake, Fionna's cat sister, can also morph her body."

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